CheriScape closing colloquium

As an integral part of the process of drawing out our project conclusions from the wealth of ideas, inspiration and debates from our conferences, we organised a final, additional, small CheriScape colloquium for about 20 colleagues who had attended several of our conferences. Held at Alden Biesen in Limburg on 8-9 November 2016, it was devoted, in the same spirit as all the CHeriScape conferences, to active discussion and debate.

The Alden Biesen meeting was a two-day closing workshop designed to test our emerging ideas on some of the people who had already contributed to our work by attending our conferences. We briefly presented our emerging conclusions in the form of highly-distilled ‘Key Messages’, and invited comments and suggestions on how these conclusions could be fine-tuned to better-reflect the views of the whole network that has been built up by our conferences.

We are now finalising our key messages in the light of the Alden Biesen meeting, and are moving on producing final outputs of the project.