The CHeriScape Aims

What CHeriScape hopes to achieve by allying heritage to an inter-disciplinary landscape perspective:

I. A strengthening of the vital and far-reaching role that heritage plays in social and economic matters;

II. Better awareness amongst of European research and policy community about the ability of landscape as heritage to help address major challenges involving land, land use, and community aspirations and needs;

III. Reduced fragmentation within the heritage sector and thus a stronger contribution to high-level as well as local policy;

IV. A practical research agenda to understand and capitalise on landscape’s iterative and reciprocal relationship with cultural heritage and with social, economic and environmental ‘futures’;

V. Strategic and forward-looking responses to threats to cultural heritage and to key societal challenges;

VI. Better connections between the general public and environmental and land-based policy-making, and thus a realisation of the the vision of the Faro Convention;

Our main tools for achieving were initially the five CHeriScape conferences organised between 2014 and 2016, but we have also organised CHeriScape sessions at other international conferences