CheriScape sessions at other conferences

During our project, several members of our team organised CHeriScape-related sessions at other major international conferences. These, with open calls, enabled us to collect even more examples of good and inspiring practice in bringing together landscape and heritage.

  • Seeing Heritage through the Lens of Landscape – New Approaches in Landscape Archaeology Based on the Fusion of Heritage and Landscape; Third Landscape Archaeology Conference, Rome, September 2014. (Read More)
  • Landscape as heritage: a central idea for the role of culture in sustainability?; COST IS 1007 closing conference, Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures: theories, policies, practices, Helsinki May 2015. (Read More) (Session Summary)
  • Cherishing heritage through landscape – a future vision”; Uniscape: ‘Landscape Values: Places and Praxis’, Galway – June 2016
  • “Cultural Landscapes: what for?” – Demonstrating the social impact of our work; Fourth Landscape Archaeology Conference, Uppsala, August 2016. (Read More)
  • Landscape and cultural heritage: the power of case studies; 27th PECSRL conference Innsbruck, September 2016. (Read More)