Conference II: 5 – 6 November 2014 (Amersfoort, NED)


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Science (in its very broadest sense), research and new understandings are prime tools in embedding landscape and heritage oriented perspective into policy, and our second conference in the CHeriScape series attempted  to make a state of the art and prospective overview. One of the key question to answered was how far we have progressed towards the ideal of integrated landscape research, as promoted by the ESF/COST Science Policy Briefing on ‘Landscape in a Changing World’.  The conference was open to a wide range of landscape disciplines, and to many ‘different’ scientific and humanities-based responses approaches to landscape (for example management, protection, recording, representation, imagination, embodiment, memory, identity-creation), in order to connect them, despite their distinctive academic languages, premises and assumptions, on the common ground of landscape. What are the specific differences between the different approaches to landscape? What can heritage-based landscape researchers learn from other disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, ecology, environmental science to move towards sustainable action on a landscape as heritage level?

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