Call for posters

Conference II: Landscape and Heritage in Science and Research (Amersfoort (NED), 5-7th November 2014)

Posters are an integral part of CHeriScape conferences. They deepen participation during the conference, provide raw material for wider discussion and stimulate debate both at and (via out web page) after the conference. Proposals (by individuals or groups) should be submitted using the template provided at, in the form of a 350-word abstract in English, to by 15 October 2014 (EXTENDED!!!!). Posters can describe an innovative or recent project, idea, problem or unanswered research question within the fields of landscape, heritage, policy and conservation. Proposals should state to which one of the conference’s four themes they are most relevant:

Session 1: Theory and Techniques

Session 2: Collaboration and inter/transdisciplinarity

Session 3: Past, Present and Future (with the Dutch Netwerk Historisch Cultuurlandschap)

Session 4: Applying results; societal and political impact

Session 1 will promote new and emerging ways in which scientists and researchers are studying landscape and heritage and how they are (more importantly?) using landscape and heritage to study even wider concerns. It will explore how landscape and heritage is understood, notably in terms of origins and evolution, their mechanics and possible future trajectories, the values and meanings that society ascribes to them and the synergies that lie between them

Session 2 will explore what is simultaneously the biggest opportunity and biggest obstacle facing landscape and heritage – the fragmentation and the disciplinary fences that arise from the great range of disciplines working in these fields. Interdisciplinary working on an appropriate scale and persistence is rarely achieved. Bigger collaborations are also needed between ‘Science’ and ‘Humanities’.

Session 3, held in association with the Dutch Network for Historical Cultural Landscapes (Netwerk Historisch Cultuurlandschap; NHC, will focus on one of the historic landscape’s prime characteristics, long term change and the passage of time enshrined in landscape. Historic’ or ‘cultural’ landscape is the way in which landscape and heritage are most commonly seen to be elided. ‘Transmission’ from past to future of the values, memory and materiality of landscape and heritage is at the heart of new views of heritage and perceptual definitions of landscape, and of landscape / heritage relationship. This session will see ‘transmission’ as the natural consequence of inheritance.

Session 4, finally, as with all CHeriScape conference final sessions, will look up from theory and practice, from research and science in this case, to social relevance, practical application and to the social, economic, environmental and ideological challenges currently facing civil society in Europe and the world. We look for case studies ad ideas that reflect upon the roles of science and research in terms of meeting the challenges set by the Science policy Briefing ‘Landscape in a Changing World’ and by the Faro Convention on the ‘Value of Cultural Heritage for Society’.


Proposals for posters (by individuals or groups) should be submitted using the template provided here, in the form of a 350-word abstract in English, to by 15 October 2014 (EXTENDED!!!!).


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