Conference Announcement

CHeriScape, Cultural Heritage in Landscape 

Conference II: Landscape and Heritage in Science and Research (Amersfoort (NED), 5-7th November 2014)

During our first conference in Ghent (July 2014), we discussed the use of landscape and heritage theory and practice in mainstream policy and decision-making, in order for heritage to begin to ‘make a difference’ in the context of the Landscape and Faro conventions. At our second conference in Amersfoort, we will explore the role and value of science and research in providing the knowledge, evidence and tools needed to achieve those objectives. Assisted by well-informed and influential speakers from both landscape and heritage, participants will contribute to our attempt to draw up a state of art and prospective overviews. They will be able to work collaboratively to consider how science (in the broadest definitions used across Europe – national differences will be a topic for discussion), research and new understandings can be prime tools in embedding landscape and heritage oriented perspectives into policy. We take a broad view of ‘science’, as a wide understanding irrespective of methodology, not restricted to methods juxtaposed to ‘humanities’; we expect the conference to explore the extent to which landscape and heritage help us to build bridges across the fissure between ‘Science’ and Humanities’. A key question will be how far we have progressed towards the ideal of integrated landscape research promoted by the Science Policy Briefing Landscape in a Changing World, and how that document might be better-used. The conference will be open to a wide range of disciplines in both landscape and cultural heritage in order to learn how to better connect them (despite their distinctive academic languages, premises and assumptions) on the common ground of ‘landscape and heritage’.

The conference will have four themes:

Session 1: Theory and Techniques

Session 2: Collaboration and inter- and trans-disciplinarity

Session 3: Past, Present and Future (with the Dutch Netwerk Historisch Cultuurlandschap) 

Session 4: Applying results; societal and political impact



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