Conference leaflets: Oslo

The third CHeriScape conference took place in Oslo (Norway) from May 18 to May 20, 2015. The overall conference theme was ‘Landscape as Community’. The conference was struc‐ tured around am interactive combination of traditional presentations, active debates and discussion sessions in a number of formats involving all participants on the key issues. Through three separate sessions – “Landscape and Social Equity”, ‘Landscape Services and Local Communi es’ and ‘Landscape and Community development’ – participants ex‐ plored how landscape can create a structure within which communities can engage in decision‐making and participatory processes in planning, as well as the more intangible aspects about ‘reconnecting’ to and through landscape. Each session was opened by a keynote presentation followed by three other speakers, and special poster displays provided material for discussion in formal and informal contexts. Day two included an excursion to the Ekebergparken overlooking the centre of Oslo from the south.

Summary Leaflets:

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