General Information

In the first two of our five conferences we discussed (in Ghent in July 2014) the roles of landscape and heritage in mainstream policy and decision-making, notably in the context of the Landscape and Faro conventions and (in Amersfoort in November 2014) the contribution that science and research make in providing knowledge, evidence and tools to achieve those objectives. At our third conference in Oslo we have chosen “Landscape as Community” as our title and thematic approach. Heritage is a key issue in local society (through matters such as identity, awareness, stewardship and responsibility), and we will explore how landscape can create a structure within which communities can engage in decision-making and participatory processes in planning. Landscape has always been about community and the sharing of land, goods and services, and with wide-ranging social and demographic change the need for such structures is perhaps even more important than ever; it is another, more intangible, aspect of the debate about ‘reconnecting’ to and through landscape.

The conference will have three themes:

Session 1: Landscape and Social Equity

Session 2: Landscape Services and Local Communities

Session 3: Landscape and Community Development

Practical Information:

The conference will take place at the DOGA – the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture close to the Aker River in Oslo. DOGA is placed in the old transformer station in Hausmanns gate 16. The venue can be easily reached by tram, buses or by foot. See more: 

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There will be an optional excursion at the end of day two, later announcements will be made.

All info can be found in .pdf version here