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Posters are an integral part of CHeriScape conferences, deepening participation and providing raw material for wider discussion, and stimulating debate both at and (via our web page) after the conference.

Proposals for posters (by individuals or groups) should be submitted using the attached template, in the form of a 350-word abstract in English, to by 21st of August 2015. Posters can describe an innovative or recent project, idea, problem or unanswered research question within the fields of landscape, heritage, policy and conservation. Proposals should state to which one of the conference’s three themes they are most relevant:

  • Global environmental change.
  • Tourist pressure.
  • Abandonment of land, and old landscapes.


Global environmental change. Theme 1 addresses the issue of global change and how it affects the landscape. This issue encompasses many current challenges to society, notably though not only climate change and unavoidable environmental change of various types.  The aim of the session is to understand the relation between climate and the landscape, with an eye on how to protect and adapt the latter to the former. We are particularly interested in posters that connect with issues of response and resilience, particularly at community scale, which examine change mechanisms from a social and cultural perspective, and which open up ways in which the idea of landscape can help to address the impacts of unavoidable change


Tourist pressure. The second theme covers another issue, tourism pressure, which is a great challenge for landscapes, particularly – though not only– in southern Europe, in ‘everyday’ as well as special landscapes, and in urban and peri-urban as well as rural contexts. Our intention is to address this issue by providing non-standard viewpoints focused on assessment and solutions; we welcome posters that go beyond defining impacts to explore solutions using landscape.


Abandonment of land, and old landscapes. The final theme aims to grasp the specificity of a major current threat to landscapes: abandonment and ageing. When people leave rural areas to find new lifeways abroad or in cities, the landscapes left behind can often lose their purpose, and become neglected and unmanaged, and in extreme cases even a ‘return’  to ‘nature’, constituting a very direct threat to their inherited character. In this session we will see some of the effects of this constant tension between anthropic landscapes and ‘naturalization’. Special attention will be paid to how this tension can be managed or controlled.


Deadlines for posters 

15 July :           Deadline for poster abstracts (EXTENDED TILL 21st of August)

15 August :       Notification of accepted posters

18 September : Deadline to submit e-versions of accepted posters