Posters Madrid

Loss of old landscapes and his cultural heritage in south-central Iberian Peninsula. Approach to livestock landscapes transformation phenomenon in the region of Campo de Montiel (Castile-La Mancha, Spain) (Download)
Manuel Antonio Serrano

Land-use change and successional patterns in boreal semi-natural grasslands
Sigrun Aune

The phenomenon, drive force and coping strategies of rural landscape change in China since 1978; The case of the Pearl River Delta area
Ziting Bao

Sustaining a Korean Traditional Rural Landscape (Download)
Haejoon Jung

Response and resilience: modelling historical route-network tability in the Netherlands during the last two millennia
Robin van Lanen

The effects of the medieval environmental and climate change in Eastern Hungary (Tiszántúl): changes in the system of settlements, land use and the composition of cultivated plants (Download)
Patricia Posa

The effects of renewable energy production on landscape quality in Europe (Download)
Patricia Posa

The Lower Danube Limes in Bulgaria: development, degradation, preservation (Download)
Silva Sabkova

Agricultural Land : Dimensions of Mangement & Abandonment (Download)
Neil Sang