Conference announcement

Conference V, Newcastle:  Landscape in Imagination and the Virtual Future

Our first four conferences (Ghent, July 2014, Amersfoort, November 2014, Oslo, May 2015 and Madrid (September 2015) discussed the contribution of landscape and heritage to mainstream policy and decision-making, their role in science and research, their connections to community at all scales, and (most recently in Madrid) landscape and heritage as frames for responding to environmental and global change. The final conference in our JPI-funded series looks even further forwards and outwards, and connects landscape and heritage to creative and visual arts and to virtual imagination.

The final CHeriScape conference in the JPI-funded CHeriScape series will look forwards, and inward into imagination.  The mental landscapes we inhabit are increasingly digital, as well as remembered; new media is changing how people interact and even how they think.  People increasingly experience familiar and distant landscapes through 21st-century digital media. This digital way of perceiving landscapes is just another turn to the ELC definition of landscape as areas ‘perceived by people’.  Perhaps it narrows ‘real world’ experience, but it also expands and stretches horizons and enables new possibilities for creative connections through intangible values.  Landscape is no longer, if it ever was, only the local, the seen or walked/worked in; people ‘possess’ distant landscapes that are nevertheless familiar, and which become increasingly accessible through ‘new’ virtual media. These still-emergent technologies could enable increased democratic engagement with landscape heritage and with landscape futures. Our concluding conference will thus explore how futures that grow from the past can be explored and imagined through new forms of heritage and landscape representations, and thus how present and future landscapes will be shaped and constructed.

There will be three sessions at the conference, each with its own theme:

Looking Back from the Future: the future legibility of the past, session 1

New neighbourhoods, New neighbours, session 2,

Looking Inward: imagined and remembered landscapes, session 3

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