Posters Newcastle

Alessia De Nardi, Past, present and future landscapes in the migrants’ experience. Explorative researches in North-eastern Italy. (Download)

Hans Druart, THE POWER OF IMAGINATION Landscape images as narrative and integrating communicator about- and in the heritage-care. (Download)

Gerry Gilvary, The Writing on the Wall. 

Fiona Hackett, Ground Truths in Southern California: Contemporary Landscape Photography as a Tool of the Geographical Imagination.

Crispin Hoult, Using Consumer Technology to Make Landscape Change more Accessible, Relevant and Understandable. (Download)

Rene Jochem, Imagining the future landscape with ViewScape. (Download)

Sue Kidd, Maritime Innovation for Sustainable Heritage.

Stelios Lekakis, The RES.CO.PART tool: Identifying modern people in cultural landscapes. (Download)

Brian Moss, Exploring movement and meaning-making with Mobile Digital Interpretations (MDIs) in heritage landscapes: A case study at Navan Fort (Eamhain Macha), County Armagh (NI). (Download)

Chiara Quaglia, Landscape as Heritage: “Values” and “circumstances” in the institutional processes of landscape safeguarding in Italy.

Anastasia Samara, Local Industrial Heritage of Thessaloniki, Greece: The Case Study of Vio.Me.

Ingrid Sarlöv-Herlin, Imagined and remembered foods capes. (Download)

Olaf Schroth, Augmented Landscapes – An overview of Augmented Reality (AR) applications enhancing our understanding of cultural landscapes.

Eirini Sratsi, The heritage values of urban parks and gardens. (Download)

Eva Stegmeijer, Heritage as sector, factor, and vector: conceptualizing the shifting relationship between heritage and spatial planning.

Sally Stenton, The listening stick. (Download)

Pieter Wienia, Huge assignments – New future landscapes – Landscape with energy. (Download)