Presentations Newcastle

Plenary session 1: Looking back from the future: The future legibility of the past

KEYNOTE: Julian Smith (CAN), Willowbank Centre for Cultural Landscape
Landscape and Representation: Past, Present, Future 

Gabriel Caballero (SGN), ICOMOS Philippines / Grant Associates
The Physical, Digital, and Creative Interpretations of Cultural Landscapes in Singapore

Daniel Lee (UK), University of the Highlands & Islands, Orkney College
Map Orkney Month: collaborative cartography and the (re)imagining of landscape

Plenary session 2: New Neighbourhoods, New neighbours

Mark Leslie (IRL), Martello Media
GPO Witness History : Bringing the Dublin of 1916 to life within A museum and  and out on the streets

Nadia Bartolini and Antony Lyons (UK), Exeter University & Independent artist
Rewilding Portugal’s Côa Valley: re-assembling human/non-human mobility and the nature/culture divide in heritage

Plenary session 3: Looking inwards: Imagined and Remembered landscapes

Elisa Giaccardi (NL)TU Delft
Decentering the human in landscape futures: Using the Internet of Things to increase democratic engagement with heritage

Bill Herbert (UK), Newcastle University
The Grammar of Place: Text and Public Art in Westpark, Darlington